Survival Guide


When an artist moves to a new country, there is a lot of new information to relate to.
How do you find a studio? How do you register for tax and mva? Where can you apply for funding?
 Below you will find information about issues related to establishing your artistic practice in Norway.

live as an artist.jpg

live and practice as an artist

In order to continue an artistic practice you may need a studio, access to a workshop,
know where and how to apply for project support and grants, consider different work
possibilities and know where to get further education and training.
Some of this information can be found here.

enter the artfield.jpg

get into the art field

It can feel like walking without a map, when you are coming to a new place with a different art field. This section has information about artist organizations, art spaces, museums and useful resources that can give a better overview of the art field in Norway.

practical issues.jpg

practical issues

There are many practical issues that you have to deal with as an artist in Norway.
You need to get an organisation number, know about VAT, deliver tax papers and know how to invoice.
You find some useful information about this in this section.


get more input

Education at public institutions in Norway is for free and can be a great opportunity to further develop your artist practice and get a new network. There are also a number of private institution offering various courses within arts.