About us

Her og der project is initiated by Marie Skeie and Motaz al Habbash who have different cultural backgrounds from Palestine, Japan, Norway and Brazil. They meet many artists who recently have arrived to Norway and have settled for the first time in a new country where everything is new.
Through their  work and experience in visual art and film field in Norway, they know how difficult it is to get access to the Norwegian art field. How to get network, to know about opportunities and in general how to function as an artist in Norway.
In this project they want to create a space where artists can be seen and be connected to the Norwegian art environment.

Transnational Arts Production (TrAP) is an independent arts production company which aims  to increase diversity within Norwegian arts and culture. TrAP works with artists and projects that cross borders and brings international contemporary art to the Norwegian art scene. We work with arts in various disciplines, including visual and performing arts, film and literature.

about the project

Her og der is a networking art project that works as a GPS to guide newcomer artists to the art field in Norway. The project aims to narrow the gap between newly arrived artists and the established art field in Norway. 

Her og der will create meetings between artists, institutions, public administration and provide access to information about Norwegian art and culture, in addition  to find concrete solutions to contribute to a real participation in the cultural field, by all that, the project aims to build bridges, create opportunities for new collaborations and make the art field more accessible and open.

The project was initiated in 2018 and started up a mentor program in 2019.

Her og der is supported by IMDI, Arts Council Norway and Oslo Municipality